Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau

Chris' book Art of Non-Conformity is based on his online blog - “A Brief Guide to World Domination”. He looks at ways of succeeding with your passions, leaving a lasting legacy and building an unconventional, fulfilling life.

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What does the book say?

  • We hold ourselves back from living a fulfilling life because we are unclear about what we actually want, or we're fearful of making any necessary changes.

  • Without a clear goal or purpose, you'll likely lead an average and unfulfilled life.

  • Instead you should look to understand what you want from life, and then jumping for it with all of your might.

  • Your job security is your own skills and knowledge. Improving yourself and your capabilities is actually the best way to guarantee job security, even if that means working for yourself.

  • Money won't make you happier. Above $40k a year annual salary, studies show no correlation between money and happiness.

  • The key, instead, is to focus solely on your values and goals, and spend money and time only on your values and goals.

  • Make room for what you want to achieve by removing the unnecessary from your life. Fill your days with what you enjoy.

What actions can I take?

  • Make a list of what you want to get out of your life. Then structure your day so that you can begin working towards these goals.

  • Make a 'stop doing' list of tasks that bring you down or don't provide fulfillment. What drains your time that can be removed without any repercussions?