Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang

Jia Jiang was once living the dream, with a six-figure salary, a wonderful wife and a lovely house – however, he wasn't happy because he was afraid to follow his dream. Rejection Proof will teach you how to tackle rejection head-on, discover the benefits of being rejecting, and provide you with a number of tools for self-improvement.

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What does the book say?

  • Rejection in life is common, however letting it rule you is a huge mistake.

  • Jia Jiang realised he wasn't very good at dealing with rejection and launching a personal finance app, and receiving a resounding “no” from a potential investor.

  • To deal with this fear, he decided to embark on a 100-day rejection journey

  • Our fear of rejection is rooted in our human instinct for survival.

  • Being rejected would have once meant you facing dangerous animals or environments alone, but in the modern day this fear is more of a handicap than a precaution.

  • Rejection is not an objective, final answer. It's not a personal judgement. It is solely the subjective opinion of others, and oftentimes the answer is merely to try again.

  • JK Rowling submitted her first Harry Potter manuscript to 12 publishers, and all 12 rejected it.

  • Your goal should be to feel comfortable and happy with who you are, rather than just trying to be accepted by others. Constant approval-seeking leads to an unfulfilled life.

What actions should I take?

  • The next time you're rejected by something, be curious about why you were rejected, and learn and adapt.

  • Understanding rejection can help you better understand and empathise with others.