The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect describes how to make long-term changes by focusing solely on the smallest decisions, and their cumulative impact. Darren Hardy explains that by taking responsibility for our lives, we can change our habits and create a life that is more successful and fulfilling.

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What does the book say?

  • For the most part, the reason we don't achieve what we want to isn't because of our goals or attitude, but rather our approach.

  • We can't just immediately change something. We need to build momentum, make a plan, and slowly change our bad habits into good ones.

  • It's these long-term changes that bring the biggest rewards.

  • Often it's the insignificant daily choices that we make that are compounded and lead to an unsuccessful and stressful life.

  • Instead, you need to connect your daily choices with clear goals and the right motivation.

  • If you maintain these healthy behaviours for a long period of time, they'll start to become habitual and you'll reach major milestones without even realising.

What actions can I take?

  • Note down where you want to be in the different areas of your life (business, health, family, lifestyle), then note down what attributes and behaviours you'll need to get there.

  • Then list the bad daily habits that don't move you towards these goals – and cut them out!

  • Connect all of your daily choices and habits with these new priorities.

  • Prove you're your own boss by sticking to these changes.