Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields

Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields looks to uncover what uncertainty does to us, how it makes us feel, and some techniques we can use to overcome it.

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What does the book say?

  • The risk of failure and uncertainty is all around us.

  • Most of fear of failure comes from a fear of failing in front of others. However, people who take risks are more creative, innovative and successful in dealing with complex problems.

  • Physical exercise can have a tremendous impact on how we deal with uncertainty, improving our mood and our ability to solve problems.

  • But handling fear is nothing more than a mental exercise. You need to transition from a fixed to a growth mindset:

  • Fixed mindset – believes talent is based on genetics; hard time taking on feedback; gives up quickly.

  • Growth mindset – believes in their work; takes on feedback; flexible; doesn't quit.

What actions should I take:

  • When you next face uncertainty, ask yourself these questions:

What if I fail, then recover? Failing will be hard, but concentrate on how you'll recover.

What if I did nothing? If you're unhappy now, doing nothing won't change anything.

What if I succeed? Think of your ideal result, and imagine that feeling.

  • Asking yourself these questions whenever you begin to fear failure will subside some of the anxiety and hopefully embolden you to take positive action. Remember, inaction is action.